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My Favorite Strategy For Starcraft 2

My Favorite Strategy for Starcraft II.

Starcraft is huge. There are quite literally millions of players, playing online 24 hours each day. For a professional gamer, like myself, its one of the top draws and a game that I have one over $100k in prize money the past two years. If you check online, you can even see some of my recorded tournament playing, where I destroy my enemies and take the tournament monies.

So what are some of my favorite strategies?

For and foremost, I believe that the best race is Terran. Maybe because I am a little biased here. After all, I am a terran. Anyway, Terran offers a really good mix of stealth and attack ability. With the exception of course of those little SCV’s, which cannot fend off a butterfly. The marines, massed and upgraded are just plain nasty. Throw in some medivacs and you can destroy just about anything on the board. My next favorite would be massed thors. Ever deal with 20 of those big daddies marching into your base? Wow, they are just plain hard to kill and the only weakness would be air attack. But throw in a half dozen Vikings and you are good to go.

What is my favorite sneaky attack?

A lot of folks don’t like Ravens. What gives? When it comes to long games and depleted resources, there is nothing like a cluster of Ravens dropping turrets to make your day one of misery and pain. Do you waste troops taking out the turrets, or do you just grin and bear the constant peppering of machine gun fire splattering all over your base? Tough questions and even tougher answers. Anyway, Ravens when upgraded are also great at air defense. That pesky little drone can pop off those lasers and nullify any airborne attack. My favorite is to lay out a bunch of missile turrets and drones and watch Zerg Mutas fly into the hornets nest of pain and misery! Of course, tanks and thors make quick work of a Ravens. But the time they expend chasing the pesky Raven is time you can spend expanding your base and attacking in other directions.

Some players prefer certain races, and the key to tournament play is watching screen recordings of other players before the tournament begins. This can give you a distinct advantage and the investment of time will reap easy money later.

What if a player knows your strategy?

I have a few sneaky plays that I sometimes employ. Sometimes I will quickly mass Hellions and blast into a base and destroy the economy quickly. The opponent will not expect such a brazen strategy. And they typically will counter by turtling and hunkering down inside and try to slowly expo. While he hunkering down and in fear of my Hellions, I will quickly build out Banshee and then re-attack the economy with my sneaky and invisible Banshee.

Well, that will be enough of my secrets revealed for today. The last thing I want to do give you all of my best strategies. For my strategies are like trading systems and they reap big profits. Give away my profits and I will be reading your blog looking for strategies.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog and please dont forget to leave a comment below. Oh, and one last thing…a great Starcraft battle from one of my favorite players YODA.