Opinion of Adrian Peterson, Madden, and the NFL

Why Adrian Peterson Should Be Banned From The NFL and Madden NFL

The Minnesota Vikings may want Adrian Peterson back on the field, but he has been suspended from the NFL for the remainder of the season without pay. This is not long enough since the season is more than half over, but at least Commissioner Roger Goodell took some action.

Sadly, at times, parents go too far when disciplining their children, which Petersen clearly did when he severely beat his young son. Child abuse is rampant across America and seems to be on the rise. In most cases, a four-year old child cannot stand-up for themselves.

The NFL should be applauded for taking a positive stand against child abuse with Peterson’s suspension. Peterson may be a great football player and an asset to his team, but the bigger picture must be addressed, which is, it should not be acceptable for anyone to harm a child. Children can be effectively disciplined without violence.

Adrian Peterson should not be allowed back in the league. He pled no contest and would not admit to his obvious guilt in this horrific act of violence. Yes, football is a violent sport and the players do cross the line, but they should never step over that line off the field and when they do they should be punished. We have to think if the young victim in this instance.

Allowing Peterson to continue playing football after his suspension is over would be a travesty and indicates that it is okay for football players to abuse their children without facing dire consequences. If Peterson’s football playing days are over, so be it. The focus must be on the child and his well-being.

Goodell has said that Peterson’s reinstatement would depend on his willingness to seek counseling and his enrollment in a treatment program. If not, Goodell seemed to suggest that Peterson may miss more games next season. Hopefully, Goodell will not allow Peterson’s popularity and other players in the league to alter that decision.

This type of blatant violence off the field has no place in football. If Peterson is reinstated next year without successfully completing treatment, fans should boycott the Vikings and possibly the entire league, if necessary, to bring home the point that violence against children is not acceptable and should not be tolerated.

Adrian Peterson should also be taken out of the Madden Football 2015 Video Game as well. Many young and impressionable people play this game and should be shown that child abuse is not acceptable, no mater how successful or valuable a player may be to the NFL.

A Brief Review of Assassin’s Creed: Unity


The latest of the Assassin’s Creed series from Ubisoft, Unity provides the same “explore and kill” type play that made the other games a success.

Unity does refine on this for its new game, of course, such as a newer, harder combat system in which you can’t expect to consistently take on a room full of enemies and hope to survive. The world has become even more open ended as well, to the point that if you stick to the main story, you would be able to beat the game in about 15 hours. But with leaps and bounds in the main quest’s difficulties, Unity essentially forces you into the many side missions, murder mysteries, and tasks for the downtrodden of Paris, making a complete run through closer to the 100+ hour mark.

The graphics are some of the nicest on the XBox One currently, bringing the beautiful 18th century city alive. The plot itself closely mirrors that of Assassin’s Creed II with our protagonist sinking down from the upper ranks of society, seeking revenge, and instead uncovering all of the history of the Assassins. Things become further complicated when a love interest turns out to be associated with the Templar!

Ubisoft doesn’t stray very far from the successful formula that pushed its series into popularity, but the touch-ups, polishing and small additions do help bring the story and Paris to life as you dash through its streets. If you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed or wanting to seeing what the fuss is about the series, Unity is a solid game that can provide hours of gaming joy.

Here is a really cool video of the Assassins Creed Unity and Rogue Trailer.

Professional Gaming Is Like Day Trading

How playing online video games is like day trading

I have a friend that is a professional day trader. The guy gets up in early in the morning, turns on his monitors, scans the financial markets, and then starts trading all sorts of things. Stuff like ES Futures, Nasdaq Futures, Crude Oil, Gold, and Forex. In the blink of an eye he is buying and selling millions of dollars of worth of these financial contracts. Speculating on whether price will go higher or lower. It looks like madness. But controlled madness.

The more I watched him, the more I began to realize that his frantic buying and selling, making and losing money, was in many ways like my professional video game playing. We both are sitting in front of monitors, nervously watching the action unfold, making split second decisions that can cost us thousands of dollars. I am seriously, how are our activities really that much different? If I am playing in a tournament, and I make one wrong decision…poof, I just lost $10,000. And the same goes for my friend the day trader.

My Venture Into Day Trading

This past year, I decided to give day trading a whirl. I anxiously put into my account $5,000 and got the recommended software package and data service that displays the data and trades. Every started off OK…until I learned that I am no day trader!

My First Week Day Trading

I lost nearly my entire $5,000! What the heck happened? I will tell you. First off, I learned you should start off nice and slow. On my first trade, I promptly lost $500. It happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to fart. I bought 2 Emini SP Futures contracts on the open and just hoped that the market would go higher. If it went higher, I would reap a nice profit. Unfortunately, it did not go higher. It went straight down! And it went down really fast. I had my software setup so that if the market moved against me $250 per contract, then the software would automatically exit my trade. Which it did. And its a good thing it did, because if I held onto the trade for another 30 minutes then I would of lost another $2000. Amazing. My first week was heartbreaking to say the least.

I Learned About Shorting

Shorting? What the heck is that? Well it means that you are placing a trade in hopes that the markets will go down and not up. I know, its confusing. But basically you are “borrowing” a security and hoping the price of the security goes down. If the price goes down, you then give the security back to the owner and the owner owes you the difference. Of course, if the price goes up then you owe the owner the difference. I place a couple of “Short Trades”, and to my surprise I actually made some money on both of these trades. Its really interesting.

If you would like for me to write more on my experiences in trading, then please leave a comment below. I have many more stories to tell.


Xbox One Review by Charming Jason

The following X-box review was written by my nephew, “Charming Jason”. He is only 11 years old.

I have owned many Xbox’ since the original launched in 2001. It wasn’t a surprise that I pre-ordered the new Xbox one when it was revealed. I usually keep my video game systems in my bedroom, or I have them in the basement with the rest of my gaming equipment. This new Xbox has a heavy focus on TV and your living room space, so I decided to keep it in my living room. I have yet to regret this decision. The Kinect voice commands are what I played with right off that bat. Every command worked like a charm, and I’m still using them rather than walk across the room to my remote. The Kinect is also an IR blaster. This allows the user to control surround sound systems, or their television through the voice commands mentioned earlier. The systems all work together, and I haven’t experienced any problems thus far. I’ve purchased many video games for my Xbox one, and everyone of them has looked stunning or felt very next generation for gaming. Forza and Sunset Overdrive are two of my favorites. The Xbox one is quiet, fast, easy to use, and keeps all your living rooms systems connected together. It is definitely worth a purchase from video game fans, or the everyday person looking for a TV receiver and a blu-ray player bundled together.

The Life Of A Professional Gamer






The Life of a Professional Gamer

As many of my readers know, I am professional gamer. But to the lay person, or the uninformed, when I tell them that I am professional gamer, they just look at me with a weird gaze. The eyes will get a weird and confused look. A look like a cat gets, a few moment after a few sniff of catnip. The hear professional gamer and then they immediately think, “professional, OK that sounds good”. And then they think, “gamer, what the heck is that?”. I then cut in and tell them that I play video games for a living. And then I wait for the questions to start arriving.

The Typical Questions People Ask a Professional Gamer

They always try and be polite. The first question they really want to ask is how much do I earn each year. But they don’t ever ask that question first, out of politeness of course. That will usually be the third or fourth question. They typically start with, “Which games to you play?” and then ask “where do you play these tournaments?”. Which then leads to, “how much time do you spend each day playing these games?” and “how did you start out in this business”. The finishing question is always the same…”How much do you earn playing video games?”. So lets jump to some answers to those common questions.

The Typical Answers to the Common Questions

  • Which games do you play?

I play the most popular games like Starcraft, Call Of Duty, League Of Legends, and FIFA Soccer. Whichever game has the largest audience and largest tournament prizes.

  • Where are these tournaments played?

All over US, Europe and Asia. You would be surprised that on most every weekend there is a tournament happening somewhere. Some of the larger tournaments can bring in crowds of 25,000 plus viewers.

  • How much time do I spend each day playing games?

The typical day, I will spend an average of 6 hours playing. Its really about mastering the game first. And then learning the inside secrets and how to apply these secrets. I also will watch up to 6 hours each day watching tournament recordings of my presumed competition. Its good to learn the small tendencies of certain players. This information can give you a huge advantage in the heat of battle.

  • How did i start out in this business?

About 10 years ago, I got really hooked on the original Starcraft. There was a local shop that had the game installed on a network of local computers. Once a month they would host a tournament with a cash prize of $500. I won just about every tournament over an entire year. This was my first clue ($5,000) in winnings that I could earn some serious money.

  • How much do I earn in a year?

Last year I earned over $200,000 playing in tournaments around the world. In asia, video games are huge and the players are treated like rock stars. About $100,000 in earnings come from tournaments. The other half comes from endorsements, and consulting game developers.

Professions That Are Similar

There are several professions that are similar to a professional gamer. At the core, professional gamers are athletes. Both mental and physical athletes that must have extreme levels of concentration and will power. Probably the closest would be professional day trader. A professional day trader has to sit in chair, like a video gamer, and outwit his competition. In fact, I have been investing my winnings in trading stocks, futures and forex. There is a high correlation of skill sets required for both professions. Although I would consider trading not quite as hard as being a successful gamer.

When I Retire From Gaming

At some point in the near future, I will have to retire from gaming and leave it to the younger kids to carry the torch. Hopefully, I will have enough saved and invested so that I can start trading full time. Perhaps even start a day trading room and use my skill set in this crossover profession.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. As always, your opinion is really appreciated and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I was try and answer questions as quickly as possible.

My Favorite Strategy For Starcraft 2

My Favorite Strategy for Starcraft II.

Starcraft is huge. There are quite literally millions of players, playing online 24 hours each day. For a professional gamer, like myself, its one of the top draws and a game that I have one over $100k in prize money the past two years. If you check online, you can even see some of my recorded tournament playing, where I destroy my enemies and take the tournament monies.

So what are some of my favorite strategies?

For and foremost, I believe that the best race is Terran. Maybe because I am a little biased here. After all, I am a terran. Anyway, Terran offers a really good mix of stealth and attack ability. With the exception of course of those little SCV’s, which cannot fend off a butterfly. The marines, massed and upgraded are just plain nasty. Throw in some medivacs and you can destroy just about anything on the board. My next favorite would be massed thors. Ever deal with 20 of those big daddies marching into your base? Wow, they are just plain hard to kill and the only weakness would be air attack. But throw in a half dozen Vikings and you are good to go.

What is my favorite sneaky attack?

A lot of folks don’t like Ravens. What gives? When it comes to long games and depleted resources, there is nothing like a cluster of Ravens dropping turrets to make your day one of misery and pain. Do you waste troops taking out the turrets, or do you just grin and bear the constant peppering of machine gun fire splattering all over your base? Tough questions and even tougher answers. Anyway, Ravens when upgraded are also great at air defense. That pesky little drone can pop off those lasers and nullify any airborne attack. My favorite is to lay out a bunch of missile turrets and drones and watch Zerg Mutas fly into the hornets nest of pain and misery! Of course, tanks and thors make quick work of a Ravens. But the time they expend chasing the pesky Raven is time you can spend expanding your base and attacking in other directions.

Some players prefer certain races, and the key to tournament play is watching screen recordings of other players before the tournament begins. This can give you a distinct advantage and the investment of time will reap easy money later.

What if a player knows your strategy?

I have a few sneaky plays that I sometimes employ. Sometimes I will quickly mass Hellions and blast into a base and destroy the economy quickly. The opponent will not expect such a brazen strategy. And they typically will counter by turtling and hunkering down inside and try to slowly expo. While he hunkering down and in fear of my Hellions, I will quickly build out Banshee and then re-attack the economy with my sneaky and invisible Banshee.

Well, that will be enough of my secrets revealed for today. The last thing I want to do give you all of my best strategies. For my strategies are like trading systems and they reap big profits. Give away my profits and I will be reading your blog looking for strategies.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog and please dont forget to leave a comment below. Oh, and one last thing…a great Starcraft battle from one of my favorite players YODA.


My Son Is A Professional Video Game Player

What its like raising a professional video game player.

Hello, my name is Mary Leigh. I am the mother. The mother of the person that plays video games for a living. Yes, he actually plays video games for a living. Pretty crazy huh?

When he was just a small boy growing up. I often wondered what he would become. I thought that he was a thoughtful boy, a cheerful kid, with a great attitude. And he did great all through elementary school In fact, he did so good that I promised him that if he got straight A’s, then I would buy him his very first game console. At the time, there was the Nintendo, Atari, and Sony. All were expensive, and all were a stretch for the budget of a single mom earning little money.

Admittedly, I hoped he would forget about video games and become more interested in sports, just like his friends. In fact, I used to bring him to soccer practice, baseball practice and even tennis lessons. Sadly he was not a sports kid. I hoped he would be. But his on field sports performance was just terrible. Actually his performance pretty much bordered on embarrassing. Sorry son. But you already know this. So the hopes and dreams of this mom getting a scholarship at Stanford or some fancy business school went down the drain.

My son found comfort in video games. Why video games? Because video games were not a team orientated and physically oriented endeavor. Although he would argue this, I have not seen many hulking beasts become very good video gamers. Maybe it was his cute little baby fingers? Or his soft and sweet little face that gave him an edge. Whatever the reason, he was from day number one, very good at video games.

So when did I realize that video game playing could possibly become his daily job? I guess it dawned on me the day he came home with a stack of 50 $100 dollar bills. Yep, $5,000 in winnings. In fact, this was more money that I had in my savings. Actually, I had not had ever held that much money in my hands. I was excited for him and for the first time began to dream a little.

The first thing he tried to do was give me the money. He actually handed it to me and told me to buy something nice for myself. He wanted me to enjoy myself as he knew and watched me struggle to make ends meet. But I could not. Though I sure wanted too! Anyway, he put the money someplace, and I never asked where. It was his and I wanted him to enjoy his success.

With the successes, came a heightened sense of self. He began to dress nicer and with more color. He became more bold and confident. As he progressed in his career, he really grew as a person. A person that a mom could be proud of.

To this day, I am still very proud of my video game playing baby boy. For he is still a baby boy to me. Thanks for reading.